Located in the emerging waterfront section of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, The Karcher provides distinctive hair services to men and women in a serene setting. Owned and operated by Nackie Karcher, The Karcher is a true Brooklyn hair parlour set in an airy, intimately lit space. Situated at 72 Greenpoint Avenue, the space was erected in 1928, and was artfully re-envisioned by Karcher with exquisite hand-painted walls, sweeping 9-foot brass-framed mirrors, sumptuous leather captain’s chairs and Karcher’s well-edited accents of salvaged heirlooms from days gone by.

Recent Press

Time Out Magazine

June 3, 2009

There’s no false advertising here: Nackie Karcher’s new Greenpoint salon has the warmly lit wood and exposed-brick interior of a whiskey saloon- or what you’d expect of a spiffed-up gaming parlor to look like. Karcher,formerly the director of education at Suite 303 in the famous Chelsea Hotel, wanted to make the salon as hip and friendly as her new neighborhood, so she installed a coffee bar with the help of designer Mark Diaz of MAD Design where clients and walk-ins alike can hang out and chat. In keeping with the communal vibe, Karcher’s friend, designer Mara Hoffman, created silk robes…

Greenpoint Gazette

October 21, 2010

Nackie Karcher is an artist, of sorts. Classically trained in sculpture and photography, she fits beautifully into the creative community that has so seamlessly established itself in Greenpoint, where Karcher resides. But 17 years ago Karcher traded in her emulsion and ceramic in favor of a more unusual, but no less malleable, medium: hair. Karcher is the owner of The Parlour Brooklyn, a hair salon on Greenpoint Avenue and Franklin, and has not only made a name for herself in the neighborhood as a hair extraordinaire, but as a leader in the local business community as well. The Parlour Brooklyn…

Village Voice


Best retreat salon Located at the end of Greenpoint Avenue, adjacent to the waterfront, lies the newly built The Parlour Brooklyn, a spacious oasis that seems to have been specifically constructed to make you chill out. Greenpoint resident and stylist Nackie Karcher opened up this slice of heaven when she noticed big changes in her neighborhood and sensed an opportunity. The salon, with elegant dark wood, beautiful white flowers, and exposed-brick décor, offers more than your average haircut, blow-dry, and style do's—30-minute treatment sessions range from aromatherapy to scalp massages, and use things like rice proteins and essential oils. After…



After five years of working at Suite 303-the laid-back hairstyling collective in Manhattan's Chelsea Hotel-Nackie Karcher has brought her expertise to Greenpoint with The Parlour Brooklyn. Sit on a barstool in one of the Mara Hoffman designed robes, and enjoy some tea as you get a hair consultation. The salon offers everything from scalp treatments to roller sets for that '60s look. Indie music darlings Sonia Kitchell, Patrick Thomas, and bands such as the Rapture are notable clients and are played on regular rotation, along with remixes of classic rock, electro-po, down tempo, jazz, and blues. Extravagant statment pieces like…

The Greenpointers


Women’s History Month – In Conversation With Nackie Karcher Greenpointers contributor Eddy Vallante heard about our Women’s History Month series and suggested we take the opportunity to speak with his friend Nackie Karcher, owner of The Parlour Brooklyn, a popular hair salon on Greenpoint Avenue. Eddy nominated Nackie because she’s “super awesome,” so how could we resist? We visited her at the salon after-hours and got to know this thoughtful, hardworking local businesswoman.

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With visions of ethereal tresses already filling my head, I turned to Greenpoint’s deeply cool Parlour Brooklyn salon and stylist Jill McArthur, a member of Davines’ Regional Artistic Team. After establishing a palette (shades of green, blue, and hints of pink to keep things from skewing too swampy) and placement (all over, with plenty of attention to the darker undersides of my hair), McArthur set about lightening a few sections of my already-blond locks. Then began the Flamboyage: In Davines’ exclusive take on freehand balayage, hair is applied to long, transparent adhesive strips before adding dye into the mix so…

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NYTimes Style Section


“People are sick of having scarves tangled in their long hair,” said Heather Shea, a senior stylist at The Parlour Brooklyn, a salon in Greenpoint. “They want to feel a fresh start. At least 25 percent of my clients have short hair right now, maybe 50 percent if you include bobs.” Ms. Shea said that “people are bringing in pictures constantly.” “Alexa Chung’s bob is really popular: she’s a very good representation of what a Brooklyn woman’s bob looks like, a little disarrayed and not so perfect,” she added. “Or for people who work in an industry who need to…

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Want To Try Natural Hair Dye? Read This First So you've switched your deodorant, your skin care, and you're even dabbling in natural makeup. But so many of us will continue to sit in the hairdresser's chair, bleaching, coloring, and toning for hours on end. Is conventional hair dye harmful to our health? Truthfully, very little research has been done on the toxicity of chemical hair dyes because the answer depends on several factors, many of which would be hard to control for in a salon setting: the ventilation of the space, the dye's individual formulation, concentration of certain ingredients,…