Nackie Karcher


As a freelance artist, Nackie Karcher’s talents for style, haircutting and color brought her all over the world, making icons of rock and fashion look like… just that, icons. It provided the resume young stylists would dream of having, but through opening her own salon The Karcher, in her adopted home of Greenpoint, Nackie’s vision now lives beyond the pages of magazines. Even more than starting a wildly successful business in one of the most influential neighborhoods anywhere in the world; it has been Nackie Karcher’s ability to share her passion, insights and personal style that she marks as her proudest achievement of the last 7 years. Both in her salon and across the country, she is bottling a mixture of experience as a stylist, a south Florida sun-child, a world traveler and a connoisseur of culture and sharing it with clients and stylists.

The Karcher’s owner and principal stylist, Nackie Karcher, has been in the hair business for over twenty years. In 2003, Nackie made her way north from South Florida to New York styling hair on commercial shoots while working alongside April Barton at The Chelsea Hotel’s Suite 303 Salon. She spent five years as the salon’s top-rated stylist and in 2006 became a color educator for Davines, the official brand of The Karcher. Nackie was on the Davines North American artistic team, working with Angelo Seminara, the brand’s Creative Director from 2010-2013. After leaving her title with Davines to focus on the salon, she passed the baton to Senior Stylists at The Karcher: Jill McArthur and Meaghan Costello. Color theory is one of Nackie’s passions. She enjoys helping her clients understand their own natural color and limitless possibilities.

In late 2012, Nackie and her husband, musician Patrick Cupples, welcomed their son, Henry. After taking time away from the salon for her maternity leave, Nackie has returned for exclusive appointments and to educate her staff with classes featuring strong color work, cutting, and styling. She also offers consultations for brides through The Karcher Weddings and is available for day-of and on-site styling. A Florida girl at heart, she loves creating natural sun kissed and low maintenance colors on her clients.

“Part of creating exceptional hair and hairstyles is conveying to my clients that hair is a three dimensional work of art. Whether it is curly, kinky, straight, or thinning, the aim is all about enhancing, deconstructing or creating an illusion.“

Jennifer Pyle


ON MATERNITY LEAVE—-The Karcher’s Senior Stylist, Jennifer Pyle, believes that with hair, much like the aesthetics of good design, standout style comes down to clean lines and the impact of rich, beautiful color. Before entering into the Cosmetology field in 2010, Jennifer spent seven years as a graphic designer in Los Angeles. Longing to break free of her days behind a desk, she jumped at the opportunity to pursue a Cosmetology education at The Aveda Institute. It was here where she came to embrace her true passion—making people happy through the process of transformation, a veritable hands-on design process that enhances the natural beauty of her clients. Jennifer joined The Karcher in early 2011 where she’s been making her mark as a colorist and stylist, with her natural expertise being in elegantly tapered and cleanly layered cuts. Not to let her passion for design go to waste, Jennifer designed The Karcher’s new website which we are completely in love with.

“A person’s hairstyle is a manifestation of self-expression. As a hairstylist, it is my job to bring that to physical form with my clients. One of the most rewarding parts of my profession is having the ability to make a person feel better about themselves—not just in the salon but everyday.”

Michael Bowman Jr


Michael’s passion for the hair and beauty industry comes from a  family tradition. He is part of a 3rd generation of stylists. He comes to us from Chicago and has worked in the industry for over a decade in some of the top metro area salons. Creating confident looks that his clients can enjoy while bringing  out their inner beauty is a passion of his.  Michael is currently a Davines trainer and educator working with Davines’ master session ambassador Joseph DiMaggio. He specializes in Hair coloring and Balyage. We also recommend him for your styling needs. Michael has also worked with Prive Runway team for NYFW and we are excited to bring this talented fresh face to our team.

Avi Sakorka


Avi Sakorka began his career over 15 years ago in Tel Aviv, Israel. After  refining his technique, working at prestigious salons in London and Paris, Avi continued to travel within Europe finding endless inspiration throughout the rich continent.

His fascination with hair coupled with his electronic music background, eventually ‫brought Avi to Berlin, the young and vibrant city where he spent the past years before destiny intervened and redirected him to New York City. Now, a New York resident, Avi is eager to bring his soulful European sensibility to classic and modern haircuts.

“I believe hair should look amazing and feel authentic in a real world way, not just in the salon. I believe the best way to achieve this is by keeping a balanced harmony which expresses and celebrates all types of beauty and is not attached to a time or to a place. This to me, and my esteemed clients, is more an expression of trust and love.”

Laura Boland


Laura’s career began in Minneapolis in 2002 when she visited the Aveda Institute and discovered her new path. With a background and passion in visual art and music, she found using hair as a medium to be a natural extension of her work.  Meticulous and detailed, she was drawn to Vidal Sassoon’s precision-based philosophy.  As a Hair Cutting Specialist, Laura blends the discipline and control she acquired to build strong, dimensional shapes with her sculptural approach.  Over the years, she expanded upon her craft by traveling to advanced seminars, educating others and creating architectural looks for photographers and fashion designers.  In 2010, she followed her heart to New York to diversify her experience. 

As a Brooklyn-based musician, Laura finds inspiration in her lifestyle by interacting with emerging and evolving artists and weaves that influence into her work.  She loves to create wearable designs for all hair textures that celebrates one’s individuality; fusing together styles and eras. 

Luke Baker


Senior Stylist Luke comes to The Karcher with 20 years of hair experience. Born in Oxford, Luke began his career in London training directly under hair legend Vidal Sassoon. After deciding to move to the States he has become known for editorial, advertising, and red carpet styling, working with an impressive list of international publications and celebrity clientele and traveling between New York, San Francisco, and London.

Now with a home base at The Karcher, Luke brings his creativity and passion for cuts and styling to his clients, merging a high fashion mindset with everyday wearability.

Alexandria Hartnett


The Karcher loves Core stylist Alex Hartnett, sister of Makeup Artist in residence, Danielle Hartnett. Alex started her career in California before making the cross-country leap to New York in 2013. After spending a year in the apprentice program at The Karcher, Alex is in full force creative mode. She is strong in styling, braiding and short womens cuts. Alex is also a wedding hair specialist.

“My passion is to try and do many different things with my career as a stylist—whether it’s traveling to other countries for hair, or just making clients feel good in my own chair, I want to make a difference.”

Stephanie Kauffman


With a background that spans film, philosophy and painting, Core Stylist Stephanie Kauffman incorporates her understanding of texture, space, sculpture, and movement into each look she creates. While balancing her career and interests between the art world, production, and the salon, she uses color and styling to create individual looks where the hair itself becomes an artistic medium.

“I have always been drawn to the ephemeral—the evolving, transitory and fleeting experience. I find this in film, art, and hair, as a temporary, ever evolving experience that is also a creative process.”

Meg Costello


Meg discovered hair while attending college outside of Washington, D.C. and searching for a creative outlet. There she met hairstylists who inspired her to try something outside of herself. Hair was the challenge she wanted to take on. After graduating from Paul Mitchell in Rockville, Maryland, Meg had New York in her sights. If she was going to do hair, she wanted to do it in the city that would inspire and motivate her the most and push her to be the best she could be.

While in New York, Meg searched for her ‘home’. She found the right fit with Nackie Karcher at The Karcher. Working closely with Nackie and her team, attending classes and absorbing every morsel of knowledge she could, this helped Meg discover her own voice. After 4 years of hard work, Meg is a Senior Stylist and Educator at The Karcher and as well as educator for the Davines Regional Artistic Team. She has learned to work with her clients and educate them about their hair, teaching them how to make it better and more beautiful. By giving them hairstyles that fit their personality, Meg hopes they can feel distinct and empowered to create new looks for themselves. Meg pushes for constant change and feels no one should ever feel stuck in a specific look.

Inspired by the wandering nomad, she has the ability to help her clients look beautiful and edgy in an effortless way. Through travelling all over the world, Meg finds inspiration in different landscapes, how hair changes with climate, geography, and seasons. She is able to come back to the salon after each trip inspiring her teammates and clients alike.

From The Little Prince, words that Meg lives by and how she approaches hair: “When a mystery is too overpowering, one dare not disobey.”

Meg will be back seeing clients at the Karcher starting in March 2017. You can call the salon to be on her email list about her next arrival.

Jill McArthur


Growing up in a small north Texas town, Jill moved to Albuquerque to persue her interest in art and photography, but quickly found refuge in expressing herself through hair. After attending the New Mexico Aveda Institute, she immersed herself in the Southwest, drawing influence from the vibrant landscape and indigenous culture. Keeping true to nature, Jill has spent the last twelve years guiding her clients on how to achieve effortless beauty in their hair, with a regimine/routine suitable to their lifestyles.

Since moving to New York in 2010, Jill has established herself as a Senior Stylist and educator at The Karcher as well as a part of the Davines Regional Artistic Team. Here she and her peers, help to mentor and develop up and coming talent. By seeking out all levels of education, Jill is able to bring back a wealth of knowledge to share with the team as well as her clients.

Jill has made her way back to Albuquerque but still comes back to visit and do great hair. You can call the salon to be on her email list about her next arrival.